Wedding Flowers

Set the Stage for a Memorable Day with Wedding Flowers in Wellington

Is the time fast approaching for you to finalise arrangements for wedding flowers in Wellington? When your big day is on the horizon, flowers are one of the first things you should have locked in and ready. At Your Wellington Florist, we’re ready to embrace the opportunity to make your wedding venue an even more beautiful space, filled with colourful flowers that flow perfectly with the rest of your decorating decisions.

What You Can Expect from Your Wellington Florist Regarding Bridal Flowers in NZ

When you choose to enlist our help for setting up your wedding flowers, here’s what to anticipate:

  • A one-on-one consultation. We love receiving an invitation to be a part of this special moment in your life, and we want to ensure we get it right. Our free consultations will allow you to share your ideas with us while we highlight what you can achieve with our services. By the end of our session, you should have a clear sense of what we can do for you.
  • Unique arrangements that not precisely meet your expectations but exceed them too. With decades of experience in floristry, we have a well-developed sense of how to create fun and exciting flower arrangements for a wedding.
  • A stress-free process that keeps the focus on you and your upcoming special day. With free quotes and clear communication throughout, we aim to allow you to focus your energies on other important tasks.

Because we care so much about delivering stellar results for our wedding clients, we’ve created this process to ensure satisfaction.

Creative Ways to Use Wedding Flower Arrangements

Looking for some fun and fresh ways to incorporate flowers into your event? Try these tips:

  • Add a floral presentation to the ends of pews or the backs of chairs. Use these as a place for an extra splash of your wedding’s colours and hallmark designs in the space where you will exchange vows. You could choose to go for a lavish design that makes the seating area into a sea of flowers, or you could choose to attach a single beautiful flower to each seat. There are plenty of options, all of which can yield stunning results.
  • Create incredible wedding centrepieces in NZ that bring unique fun and flair to every table. You could even choose to customise each centrepiece based on which of your guests will be seated at each table. Think about how much fun it could be to spend time determining how to say something special about your guests through flowers. They can be a fun gift for your guests to take home, too.
  • Use flowers to create unique visual touches throughout your venue. The only limit is your imagination. During your consultation with our florists, don’t forget to share information about your venue and its layout. If you’d like to incorporate flowers across almost all aspects of the day, we can find fun and unique ways to make your wedding feel full of flowers.

Tips for Selecting Bridesmaid Bouquets

Flowers for the venue are essential, but so too are the bouquets your bridesmaids will carry. If you’re still at square one of looking for wedding bouquets in Wellington, keep these things in mind:

  • Complement your own colours, but don’t overwhelm them. Too much matching can be a bad thing — instead of creating good visual symmetry, it’s easy for everything to blend together and look the same. Instead of matching bridesmaid bouquets too closely to the one you will carry, look for colours and flowers that will work with, not against, your own choices.
  • Consider alternatives to traditional bouquets. For example, flower bands are a trendy option these days. Your bridesmaids won’t need to carry bouquets all day, but they’ll never be without their flowers. It’s the perfect compromise for more active ceremonies and for those who want the bridal bouquet to be the centre of attention.
  • Do match colours to bridesmaid dresses. If your wedding party will have a variety of different dresses rather than one matching pattern, opt for a more monochrome set of bouquets to introduce better uniformity into the visuals. Ultimately, it’s all about what looks and works best for your wedding.

Why Should You Buy from Your Wellington Florist?

From our in-depth wedding consultation to our clear communication and ability to source high-quality fresh flowers, Your Wellington Florist is the perfect choice for adding splashes of colour to your special day and creating the perfect bridal bouquet in Wellington. Check out our wedding portfolio for an in-depth look at what we can do — then contact us to set up your consultation today.