Floral Arrangements

Get Quality Flower Arrangements in Wellington from a True Florist

As you shop for flower arrangements in Wellington, you might wonder: why don’t the flowers at the local grocery store look as good or last as long as the ones you can buy from a true florist? The fact is that a lot goes into growing, nourishing, arranging and packaging flowers to ensure that they are as healthy and beautiful as possible. Floristry is a craft and science that focuses on these strategies, and it results in what is simply a superior product.

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What Sets Your Wellington Florist Apart Regarding Floral Arrangements?

At Your Wellington Florist, we are proud not only to be long-time floristry professionals, but also more than just florists. Here are a few factors that help set us—and our floral arrangements—apart from other businesses in the area that sell flowers:

  • Our experience. Sheryl, our owner, has been working in floristry seen she was a teenager. More than 40 years later, she is still using her knowledge about flower and plants to help customers find or craft the most beautiful flower arrangements possible. Sheryl has obtained both junior and senior diplomas with New Zealand Professional Florists (NZPF) and was later named president of the organisation. Sheryl runs Your Wellington Florist in accordance with all NZPF standards.
  • Our care for the environment. We make a living from flowers, which means we rely on the environment and the natural world for our livelihood. As such, we take sustainability very seriously and always strive for environmentally-friendly practices. Everything from our policy of using only local products to our eco-friendly wraps for floral arrangements is driven by our responsibility to care for the environment.
  • Our focus on emotion. We always say that we are more than just florists, and that our business is about more than selling flowers. Indeed, we see ourselves as peddlers of emotion. A flower arrangement can send a lot of different messages, depending on flower variety, colour, floral pairings and other factors. We can help you send the message you are trying to convey.

What You Can Expect from Your Wellington Florist Regarding Flower Arrangements in Wellington

When you come to us seeking flower arrangements in Wellington, here are some of the ways we will guide you towards the right product(s):

  • We will work towards a budget. Flower arrangements don’t have to be big expensive productions. Some of the most beautiful arrangements we do are smaller, simpler and less expensive. If you have a narrower budget, don’t worry; we’ll work with you to create something you love.
  • We will work towards occasions. Perhaps you are shopping for birthday flowers in NZ or looking for Mother’s Day flowers at the last minute. We often work with customers to gear floral arrangements towards specific occasions or holidays.
  • We will work towards emotions or sentiments. As mentioned above, we believe our business is about delivering emotion. If you aren’t sure which flowers or floral colours have which meanings, we can help you understand the accepted connotations of different blooms so that your arrangement is sending the message you want it to send.
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Why Customers Should Use Your Wellington Florist

Whether you are shopping for Mother’s Day flowers or birthday flowers in NZ, our florists are here to help you find the right blooms, in the right arrangements, with the right meanings, at the right price. Along the way, you can expect nothing but the friendliest customer service. Get in touch today for a terrific flower-buying experience.